Marketing Degree

Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Normal length of the program in order to finish credits to graduate:
8 semesters

Degree to be obtained:
Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing

Campus that offer the degree:
Hermosillo and Navojoa


General Objective

The main objective is to train proficient professionals in marketing with a comprehensive profile and with interdisciplinary knowledge, in order to be able to develop skills and attitudes in the field of their professional career. Looking to become able to a lifelong of learning, thus, capable of responding to changes in the global environment, with human quality and social responsibility.

Specific objectives

Promote the development of logical, critical and creative thinking with a constant attitude of learning. Develop their skills in an ethical and legal context, which will allow the production and acquisition of new knowledge related to administration, economics, marketing, psychology, sociology, mathematics, law, computer science and philosophy. Performing a key role in organizations through the design, implementation and evaluation of marketing strategies.
Promote the formation of proactive, integrating and emotive attitudes that show the internalization of values ​​of respect and tolerance towards our fellows. Also, to promote the care for the environment and the cultural legacy that enable the holistic growth of the individual.
Contribute to the strengthening of values ​​and attitudes that allow the student to relate, to apply collaborative work and to generate empathy in its integration process with organizations, with culture and with society, thus, sensitizing with the social needs and generating strategic welfare actions for the consumer, for the environment and for society in general.
Provide the student with the educational experiences that promote the development of theoretical, heuristic and axiological knowledge that sustain the know-how of marketing professionals, related to the detection of market opportunities, according to the trends and environmental conditions, hence, generating offers of value that allow the achievement of profitability for organizations.

What can you do when you obtain your degree?

Developed skills
The graduate of the bachelor’s in marketing can perform effectively and responsibly in different organizations working both individually and also in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teams.


  • The graduate of the Bachelor’s degreein Marketing is a professional with a multidisciplinary training that acquires knowledge from the exact sciences, economic administrative sciences, technology, social sciences and also humanities.


  • Apply the marketing process from the resources of the company in regards to the environment.
  • Design both quantitative and qualitative research.
  • Develop strategic marketing plans.
  • Design comprehensive marketing communication campaigns.
  • Design sales strategies considering the economic, political and social context.
  • Ability to design a business plan.


The graduate from our marketing program must have a reflective, trustworthy and collaborative demeanor, the graduate must be capable of analyzing information, must be able to pursue the interpretation of information. The graduate must be a visionary and proactive person. Must have the following attitudes as well, such as a good communication, creativity, enthusiasm, leadership, the ability to innovate, should be assertive, have a good service attitude, and alsorespect for cultural differences and empathy.


The graduate student from our program bachelor’s in marketing, is a professional with values such as honesty, commitment, responsibility, tolerance, solidarity, equity, justice, loyalty, sincerity, truthfulness, discretion, respect for others and ethics.

Fields of the Profession:

The Bachelor of Marketing has ample opportunities to develop professionally in institutions of the public sector, organizations of the private sector, non-profit, sports and politics, business entrepreneurship; so also independently as an adviser or consultant, as well as providing a service to society.


Learn more about this program by downloading the list of subjects and the curricular map.

List of subjects

Curricular map

How can I start my application?

Entry requirements
The general requirements to join an undergraduate degree program at the Universidad de Sonora are the following:

  • Request registration with the School Services Office in accordance with the terms of the respective call each year.
  • Provide a full certificate of high school education.
  • Provide certified birth certificate.
  • Present the application exam (test before enrollment) and be accepted in the Marketing program according to the terms of the respective call.

The other elements are established in accordance with article 22 of the current School Rulebook.

For more information, see our Admission page

Admissions required profile


  • Have an interest in undertaking marketing activities, promotion design and market trends.
  • Have basic knowledge of: Mathematics, Sociology, Economics, Administration, Markets and skills of basic computer programs.


  • Ability to interact with people,
  • Ability to plan, analyze and synthesize.
  • Adaptation to different situations and the ability of working under pressure in critical circumstances.
  • Skills for collaboration.
  • Ability to observe and visualize opportunities.


  • Be sensitive to the problems of different organizations.
  • To have initiative.
  • To be responsible, tenacious and honest.
  • To be willing to learn, to develop as a person and work as a team member.
  • To be participatory, creative and sociable.
  • Show respect for the environment and sustainability.

What do you need in order to graduate?

Graduation or internship requirements:

  • You must have covered all the credits of the program.
  • Comply with the University Social Service, in accordance with the respective regulations.

Requirements for the processing of the intern certificate (before getting the degree)

Requirements to obtain the degree:

  • To obtain an approval grade score in all the courses that go with the Study plan of the major.
  • Comply with the University Social Service.
  • Satisfy the specific requirements established according to the option selected to obtain the degree.
  • Consult: Options and requirements to obtain the degree.
  • Comply with every requirement established in the articles 84 and 84 bis of The school Rulebook active. Consult: School Rulebook.

How much does it cost to study this undergraduate program?

Prospective students registration fee

The registration fee for all prospective students of the Universidad de Sonora is given each year with the respective call for applications. Consult this information regarding the latest call: Registration fee

Enrolling fee and Tuition

At the moment of enrollment students for either the undergraduate or graduate programs of the university must endure the fee payments according to the minimum wage that is active in the city of Hermosillo, corresponding to the Fees Rulebook. Consult the information regarding the latest year: Fees and discounts per course.